Handy Hints to run the shack

Cow Bay Helpful Hints

The water in the tank is quite often a little on the nose. We add a 1/4 cup of chlorine when it gets whiffy at the tap. We always bring fresh water for drinking but the tank is good for sink, showers etc.

The toilet cystern is disconnected so you will need to fill the toilet using the bucket and then flush. The dodgy septic is only a 44gallon drum so we need to be careful not to over use it. (If it's yellow let it mellow; if it's brown flush it down)....No men should ever be caught pissing inside!

Opening bathroom/bedroom window

1. Undo lock from inside

2. Go to the tree with the green rope winches and hoick up the door/window

3. Put the two swing arms into their place and use the bolts keep them in place (it’s fine to do these finger tight).

4. Loosen the green rope slightly, so that the weight of the window is evenly spread between the two swing arms and the rope pulley, then tie off the green rope.

Turning on the Fridge

1. Turn on the gas bottle

2. Push the priming button which is the blue button at the back of the fridge

3. Allow maybe 20 seconds for the gas to flow through.

4. You actually light it from the bottom right hand corner (as you stand facing the fridge). Open big sliding door, and there is a big hole 2 feet off the ground, inside that hole is the jet that has to be lit to make the fridge run(use long matches or the gas stove lighter).

5. Once you get it alight, keep holding in the blue button for about 60 seconds (until thermostat registers that flame is going) and all is done. You can always check that the fridge is running via the mirror down from the bench top or by holding your hand over the flue and feeling the heat.

Gas Bottles

The gas bottle can be replaced at the little shop/servo or the RACQ depot which is almost opposite the T intersection where Cow Bay road meets the main Cape Trib road. It costs about $35 for replacement and lasts nearly two weeks for fridge and gas cooker.

Power System and Maintenance

If there is a battery (I just threw away the old knackered one); then the only thing that needs to be done is to top up the battery with distilled water. Tropical conditions are really harsh, this needs to be checked on every visit. There is distilled water and a small jug in the battery box to do this.

For 240V power (to run fan etc) connect 2 leads from the inverter to battery terminals (red to positive Black to negative)

The new header tank

This runs the kitchen sink taps and the outside shower. You can only fill it when a battery is connected to main power supply and turn it on using the red switch on the power board. It only takes a few minutes to fill and will last a couple of days

Music (another new innovation)

The face plate for radio/CD is in battery box with the inverter. You will need to plug in the cigarette lighter adapter to power the radio

Rubbish Tip times are

Mon 7.30am – 3.30pm

Wed 9.00am – 6.00pm

Fri 7.00am – 12.00pm

Sat 7.00am – 12.00pm